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22/23 WILDCAT TOUR 108

22/23 WILDCAT TOUR 108

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The Wildcat Tour 108 turns sufferests into playdates, and its light build makes it no big deal to add a lap when the conditions are all time. It’s slashable, easy to pilot, and still has plenty of backbone, with no gram-shaving, durability-compromising gimmicks that leave you crossing your fingers that you don’t hit a snow shark and blow your skis (or your knees) into a fine mist. Its versatility in variable terrain and snow makes a big difference on those missions when you’re out (and we mean WAY out) there and need a ski that’ll handle anything and everything that comes your way. It works smarter so you can play harder. 

Here’s a little history lesson for you: the Wildcat 108 didn’t start as a lift service concept, it started right here as a touring ski—as an easy way to shave extra weight, add versatility and keep the Wildcat magic intact. That rationale has never been stronger and the idea of a slimmer, lighter Wildcat built for the backcountry appeals even more now than it did then. Which is exactly why we keep coming back to it and why it’s become our most popular touring ski. 

So in case you missed the memo, here's the straight dope—The Wildcat Tour 108 uses the same chassis and dimensions you’ve fallen in love with at the resort-1 just trimmed up for the skin up. The same base, edge, sidewall and even the same hardwood stringers as it’s resort counterpart so you don’t have to ski any differently and if everything comes together just right except for that one rock smack dab in your exit—well skis are tools not treasures and rest assured you’ll still have a touring setup for your next lap if you decide to gamble and lose.  We like those odds.

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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
164cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 17.0m 1300mm 6.04lbs / 2.74kg -6cm
174cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 19.0m 1400mm 6.76lbs / 3.07kg -6cm
179cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 21.0m 1450mm 7.35lbs / 3.33kg -6cm
184cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 22.0m 1500mm 7.57lbs / 3.43kg -6cm
190cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 25.0m 1560mm 7.98lbs / 3.62kg -6cm