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Have a helicopter? How about a snowcat? No? Good—we’re on the same page. Which means you already know why we built a touring version of the Wildcat: because the best turns and the raddest features are almost always found out of bounds. And just like you, when the getting is good, we’re not giving up that sweet widebody float to save a few grams.

The Moment tour collection started right here, with the belief that when conditions call for it, you should be able to take full advantage, without compromise or the nagging question of how much better it could have been had you dragged out the heavy fat boards.

How’d we do it? Simple: we booked the fatcat a redeye for a quick trip to LA and liposuctioned out over 1.5 lbs per pair, giving you a ski that’ll stay on top in the deepest of the deep and still leave enough gas in your tank to go back for third helpings—then do it all again tomorrow.

The Wildcat Tour is a Moment ski through and through—not some non-repairable experiment in composite engineering made for one athlete to summit one peak exactly one time for a completely necessary skimo documentary. In other words, it’s tough. So you can take it into whatever zone is hiding the goods amongst the sharks without worrying that you won’t have a touring setup for the next mission tomorrow.

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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
174cm 141mm 116mm 131mm 21.0m 1400mm 7.47lbs / 3.39kg -6cm
179cm 141mm 116mm 131mm 23.0m 1450mm 7.74lbs / 3.51kg -6cm
184cm 141mm 116mm 131mm 25.0m 1500mm 8.11lbs / 3.68kg -6cm
190cm 143mm 118mm 133mm 27.0m 1560mm 8.39lbs / 3.80kg -6cm