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22/23 WILDCAT 108

22/23 WILDCAT 108

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By now it should be abundantly clear that with the Wildcat 108 we didn’t just deliver a Wildcat for the not-so-deep-set—we created a whole new animal that absolutely refuses to live in its big brother’s shadow. Park laps, pow turns, cliff drops, tabletops…you name it, and we’ve seen this ski nail it with prowess or destroy it with extreme prejudice. 

The Wildcat 108 has become the workhorse of countless quivers from coast to coast and the entirety of the quiver for many more. Its deep rocker lines and progressive mount let you pivot and slash your way through tight spaces while an extended effective edge and ash stringered core give you plenty of backbone to put it down hard and fast.

What started as an out of bounds experiment re-engineered from the touring version of a powder ski has become the go-to weapon of choice for a huge percentage of our fans and athletes alike. Weird how that happens. But hey—that’s showbiz, baby!

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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
164cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 17.0m 1300mm 7.29lbs / 3.31kg -6cm
174cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 19.0m 1400mm 8.12lbs / 3.68kg -6cm
179cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 21.0m 1450mm 8.60lbs / 3.90kg -6cm
184cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 22.0m 1500mm 9.04lbs / 4.10kg -6cm
190cm 134mm 108mm 127mm 25.0m 1560mm 9.42lbs / 4.27kg -6cm