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22/23 SIERRA

22/23 SIERRA

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The Sierra has been the workhorse of our women’s line for quite a while now. Over the years its had its fair share of tweaks, adjustments and revamps and if all of your feedback is any indication we’d say things are pretty dialed in. While that never means we’re ready to leave well enough alone it does mean that we’ve tried—and failed to improve it.

Triple Camber for maximum edgehold and suspension in variable conditions combined with deep rocker lines and a progressive mount not often found in lady’s skis—who decided that ladies don’t like to play, slash and slarve anyway? That’s just plain wrong.

For good measure we slapped on an extended effective edge and a stout profile and you’ve got a lean, mean, playful machine. Perfect for spring corn, midwinter windbuff and everything in between. Quick and snappy when you need it with plenty of backbone when it’s time to put the power down. Perfect for ripping mixed conditions from coast to coast.

Who says you can’t have it all?
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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
152cm 116mm 91mm 109mm 15.5m 1148mm 5.98lbs / 2.71kg -5cm
162cm 120mm 95mm 112mm 18.5m 1248mm 6.71lbs / 3.04kg -5cm
172cm 124mm 99mm 115mm 21.5m 1348mm 7.26lbs / 3.29kg -5cm
179cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 21.0m 1518mm 7.95lbs / 3.61kg -5cm