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Safe to say that the secret is out. Triple Camber is a climbing animal.
More grip on the skinner and more purchase on those sketchy sidehills, packed into a 112mm waisted ski that clocks in at under 1800g and skis like the real deal—not like some hollow carbon tube you can’t take within 100 yards of a rock without shaking in your boots.

Agile. Stable. Quick. Planted. Surfy. Some say it doesn’t make sense. We say it doesn’t have to.

Triple Camber brings the magic: more edge contact, more suspension and more versatility. It’s surfy when you need it, planted when you don’t, with enough width for the goods and plenty of grip for the nasty stuff. That’s why the Deathwish Tour is the pick of the litter for the mixed bag days and the completely unknown, follow-the-type-2-fun-junkie-to-God-knows-where tours. With the Deathwish Tour, you can rest assured that no matter what the mountains throw at you, you have what you need on your feet.
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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
174cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 22.0m 1358mm 7.12lbs / 3.23kg -5cm
179cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 23.0m 1408mm 7.32lbs / 3.32kg -5cm
184cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 25.0m 1458mm 7.77lbs / 3.52kg -5cm
190cm 138mm 112mm 129mm 27.0m 1518mm 7.92lbs / 3.59kg -5cm