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22/23 DEATHWISH 104

22/23 DEATHWISH 104

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Want the same snappy, poppy, slashy, intuitive, playful feel of the Deathwish in a ski you can rip on in firm conditions? The Deathwish 104 is for you—or anyone who wants near-telepathic connection to a ski in tighter quarters and on harder snow than the original 112-millimeter-wide Deathwish was designed for.  

Let’s make one thing clear: the Deathwish 104 is not just a Deathwish 112 with 8 millimeters shaved off the sides. It has a completely different core, layup, sidecut—even a different mounting point than the 112, all of which are intended to deliver a more driveable experience when you’re on top of the snow versus down in it. It’s a lively, rippable, and nimble mayhem machine, with plenty of grip to lay it down on hardpack and just enough width to keep you off the bottom when it dumps. Add a dose of pure Triple Camber strong enough to pitch a no-hitter, and the result is almost unholy—like a painting that keeps you young forever, or a haunted doll that makes your enemies go insane. A ski this eye-opening could only be the result of a deal with the Devil. And it could only be made by hand in the city God forgot when handing out grace and virtue.

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Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
164cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 18.0m 1258mm 7.04lbs / 3.19kg -6cm
174cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 19.0m 1358mm 7.83lbs / 3.55kg -6cm
179cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 21.0m 1408mm 8.34lbs / 3.78kg -6cm
184cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 22.0m 1458mm 8.71lbs / 3.95kg -6cm
190cm 132mm 104mm 124mm 24.0m 1518mm 9.36lbs / 4.24kg -6cm