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22/23 Commander 108

22/23 Commander 108

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Damp. Stable. Powerful. Composed.

The Commander 108 is all of these. But what the Commander makes you feel—is unafraid.

A directional mid-fat charger with two sheets of titanal, full-width metal over full-height, race-style sidewall underfoot makes for a connection to the snow like no other and enough horsepower to make even Max Verstappen look twice. 

Don’t worry, we packed a parachute. Dual radius sidecut and a little front rocker mean you can slip, slash and pivot your way out of whatever sketchiness you've gotten yourself into. And if the only way out is through, there’s no better ski to have underfoot when all you can do is punch it and hold on. 

We’ve been told this ski is pretty easy to pilot and while we don’t disagree—it’s more accurate to say it’s an easy ski if you’re already pretty capable yourself. But hey, who are we to judge? Come and take a pair for a spin whenever you like. If you don’t have a good time, no sweat; the EMTs know where the factory is and they’ll drop your demos off on the way to hospital.

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