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21/22 Wildcat - Blem

21/22 Wildcat - Blem

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- All overstock skis are A grade quality.
- All blemishes are purely cosmetic and do not affect the performance of the ski.
- All skis labeled 2 Left or 2 Right are a pair of skis with the same graphics.
- All skis carry our 2 year warranty.
- All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.
- We will not tell you the individual blemish on a pair of skis.


We changed the core of the Wildcat last year and couldn’t help but hold our breath. Maybe you’ve learned to trust us when we say something is better—Or maybe you all were too busy grinning from ear to ear tearin’ it up to even think about saying something.
Our money is on the latter.

Back at it the OG heavyweight is stable at speed, stays composed in crud and chop so it (and you) can handle high-velocity cut up, big drops, and meniscus-mauling runouts with more confidence. It floats like a dream but don’t get it twisted—the original playful charger has plenty of horsepower so when the pedal hits the metal it keeps on giving and begs you for more. If you haven’t experienced just what the Fatcat can do well then it’s time to put up or shut up.

Imagine a real wildcat caring what you think. All it wants to do is kill and eat and lounge in a tree-top throne, surveying it’s kingdom. That’s basically the Wildcat.

So buy it. Or don’t.

Wildcat don’t care.
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