16/17 Frankenski

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You’re not a cartel kingpin or a dot-com billionaire, blowing your nose with hundred-dollar bills. So what do you do when it’s time to choose between the whippy jib ski you want and the do-it-all ski you need?

The Frankenski is what you do.

Bulletproof bamboo and semi-cap construction make it the most press-able, playful, and tough ski in our line. Stable dimensions and Triple Camber Technology let you ski whatever, whenever. It’s two skis in one—half butter knife, half sawblade—and that’s good, because your next paycheck is going to rent, ramen, and toilet paper.

SIZE T-W-T Turn Radius Camber Type Mount  CORE
168 114-92-114 18.5 Triple Camber Twin Rocker 0 Bamboo
178 114-92-114 21 Triple Camber Twin Rocker 0 Bamboo