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21/22 Wildcat Tour 108 - Blem

21/22 Wildcat Tour 108 - Blem

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All overstock skis are A grade quality.
All blemishes are purely cosmetic and do not affect the performance of the ski.
All skis labeled 2 Left or 2 Right are a pair of skis with the same graphics.
All skis carry our 2 year warranty.
All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.
We will not tell you the individual blemish on a pair of skis.


Here’s a little history for you. The Wildcat 108, aka the Golden Child, aka Everyone’s New Favorite Ski, didn’t start as a lift-service concept. It started right here. Now, of course, we have more than one—because one is never enough—but the rationale behind the original idea of a slimmer, lighter Wildcat built for touring has never been stronger. A little versatility matters a hell of a lot more on those missions when you’re out (and we mean WAY out) there and need a ski that’ll handle anything and everything the changing conditions throw your way.

The Wildcat 108 turns sufferfests into play dates and makes skimo nerds jealous with rage over the fact that yes, in fact, you can rip the shit outta that line and keep up on the way up.

It’s slashable, easy to pilot, and still has plenty of backbone, with no durability-compromising, weight-saving gimmicks that leave you crossing your fingers that you don’t hit a snow shark and blow your skis or knees into a fine mist. It works smarter, and plays harder. And so should you.
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